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Stuart McPhee

Hi, my name is Stuart McPhee and I would like to welcome you to the trading-plan.com website. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I thought since you may not have ever heard of me before, that I would let you know a little about myself.

If you have arrived at my website, then you are obviously interested in trading well and profitably. I hope you commit yourself to it and never give up! The journey will be worth it.

Before you read more about me, first read what a couple of my clients said:

- Unsolicited Testimonials -

"Hi Stuart. Your training with the military holds you in a confident position, one which you use to good advantage in your trading, and which is reflected in your writing.

I applaud your drive, and enthusiasm. I have always held, that passionate people make life interesting. I'm sure your passion pushes you forward, inspiring many others (including myself), in your wake."

James Polmeer, Private Trader - Brisbane, Australia

"Thanks again Stuart for your excellent service. In this era of mechanical, impersonal Call Centres, where world's best practice and benchmarking leads companies to reduce time spent with clients to a bare minimum, skinny abbreviated mass market type service has become the norm. Your service has been Rolls Royce, travelling-first-class in comparison.

Your fulsome, thoughtful, and generous reply dealing with both the TXL and Metastock issues was quite outstanding.

Stuart, a big big thanks."

Barry Fox, Private Trader/Investor - Melbourne, Australia

Stuart McPhee
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In his former professional life, Stuart was a full time Army officer in the Australian Army. He graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon (the Australian Army's highly renowned officer training institution) and spent 10 years in the Australian Army.

His professional highlight was being selected for two years as an exchange instructor with the US Army in El Paso, Texas during 1997 and 1998. He was subsequently awarded the Meritorious Service Medal from the US Government for his performance in this appointment.

This is where he acquired most of his skills as an educator and has since used them extensively with the personal coaching work he has done.

Stuart is recognised as one of the leading trading coaches in Australia. More importantly, he is one of the very few people who makes the effort to coach traders personally in their own homes at their trading desk, as opposed to cramming heaps of people into a seminar room.

"I think you are doing a great job - your questions are challenging and insightful and your project should help the trading community - I wish I had met someone like you when I started in this business."

Bill Wermine, Trader/Author/Broker for 30+ years - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

He started trading in 1996, however in January 2000, he resigned from the Army and began to trade his own account very actively as well as regularly conducting personal coaching, helping fellow traders discover a trading approach that is right for them.

To date Stuart has authored numerous best selling trading books and courses including Trading in a Nutshell, 4th Edition and the MetaStock Programming Study Guide (co-author).

Stuart has also contributed to a number of daily newsletter services and written training notes for national training companies.

Stuart wrote the foreword and was interviewed for the book 'The Complete Guide to Investing in Short Term Trading' by Alan Northcott, published in 2007.

He has a Bachelor of Professional Studies from the University of New England and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia.

Stuart has presented at the New York and Los Angeles Traders Expos, at the Australian Securities Exchange, at Traders' Expos around Australia, for the Australian Technical Analysts Association, for the Society of Technical Analysts of New Zealand, and at the Asia Trader and Investor Convention in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzhen, Mumbai and Bangkok. Stuart has been interviewed by the leading Chinese trading magazine (Weekly on Stocks), and the VN Express newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City. Read article (in Vietnamese)


Stuart featured in the Financial Review's Smart Investor Magazine.

Stuart with 'Market Wizard' Mark Cook (L) and Greg Morris in Singapore

Stuart on stage in Shenzhen, China with interpreter by his side

"Stuart is an exceptional trainer! Never have I been to a seminar that was able to capture and hold my interest 100% of the time. He is a clear and concise speaker, making use of every precious minute, to impart valuable knowledge to us. His training style and method is impressive and I enjoyed the session immensely. I am also glad to have met him in person."

Kuok Hui Chin, Private Trader - Vicenza, Italy

Stuart now trades professionally, actively coaches traders on a personal level, and runs workshops throughout South East Asia concentrating in Singapore and Malaysia. He also regularly speaks to smaller traders clubs and informal groups of traders and investor clubs.

Stuart with one of his mentors, Ray Barros in Bangkok

Stuart advises that "Trading is like any other profession. You need to learn the basics, then develop and hone your skills through application. You are only going to succeed if you commit yourself to the task, as the only thing stopping you being highly profitable is yourself!"

Stuart at the far right on the panel of experts in Mumbai. From L-R are Sandy Jadeja (standing), Brent Penfold, Daryl Guppy, Don Schellenberg, Ray Barros and Stuart

Stuart regularly adds video tutorials and other educational material to his YouTube channel, found at www.youtube.com/user/stuartmcphee.   You can subscribe to his channel for all of the latest video releases.

Stuart truly understands the importance of you finding a trading plan and approach that is right for you. With his honest and clear style, he has helped thousands of people with their personal trading. He is an excellent motivator, teacher, and technically competent, and now it is your turn to be helped.

Stuart with two of his mentors, Daryl Guppy and Brent Penfold at a function in Shenzhen.

Stuart on stage in Bangkok.

Here's what others say:

"Our three hour training session was very productive and highlighted some basic errors with designing my trading system and money management.

It is my only regret that I did not employ your services much earlier. I would have saved more than 10 times your fees in losses!

I wish you all the success in assisting other traders to fulfill their potential. I know I am now traveling down that road."

Stephen Warden, Private Trader

"Today was exactly what I needed. You highlighted for me very clearly some fundamental errors in my approach to the market and to the fact that I did not have a complete Trading Plan.

The most important areas identified were Money Management Rules and Position Sizing.

I have been trading full time now for 8 months and was getting frustrated at the number and size of Win to Losses when the direction the market headed was as planned.

The notes we made through the day provided me the guidance to systematically review my previous trades and take corrective action in my approach.

Thanks - It was the best thing I have done in 6 months!"

Gerard Hogan, Private Trader

"As you know, I have previously attended extensive training about trading but today, you made things sound so much clearer for me.

I now know some of the basic things that I could be doing a lot better and know that I am going to achieve far greater results thanks to your time today.

It was excellent."

Chris McCarthy, Private Trader

"Stuart, you're the best!"

Stuart's Mum

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